The Donor Recognition Walls Process

An example of the donor recognition process and how a rendering is laid out for approval, and then what the display looks like when it has been manufactured into a donor wall.

We’re Here for You Every Step of the Way

While each and everyone of our clients have unique needs, we find this to be a helpful example of what to anticipate. From the first conversation, to creation and installation, here is your outline through the exciting donor recognition process:

1. Request a Quote

Will this display be permanent or will it need to be updated annually? Will it go indoors or outdoors? What materials are desired? We are here to help you answer all of these questions. Begin by requesting a quote and browsing our galleries for inspiration to discuss ideas.

2. Fill in the Details

When you submit the Get a Quote form, we will follow up with an email to request items to begin your free design.  For example, we may ask for things such as a vector image of your logo or your brand colors.

3. We Create a Free Sample Rough Draft with Estimated Price

We want to provide you with a truly creative customer experience. We do not use templates; our individual designs are as unique as your organization. Our team of artists will look through the documents you provide for inspiration and will mock up a free starting point, considered a design draft.

4. Make a Deposit

When you are ready  to move forward from the draft to full design stage and tweak the details to perfection, we will invoice you for a deposit. We accept cash, checks and bank transfers. All credit cards are subjected to a 3.8% fee.

5. Get It Just Right

This stage is where we make that happen and finesse the details. In this full design phase, we can adjust size, details and layout as needed. You’ll know it when you feel it perfect: the sense of pride that develops when you imagine unveiling your custom display to your generous donors. We’ll then send you a proof of your design for final approval.

6. All Systems Go

Our family and staff care about quality, which is one of the reasons we’ve been in business for 25+ years. We’ll put the utmost attention to detail and care in honoring your patrons. Most displays are fabricated between 6 to 8 weeks after approval is received.

7. Display Your Gratitude

When the design is carefully wrapped and secured in its crate with care, it will be shipped and we will provide you with a tracking number. Install your display and get ready to excite and inspire your donor base!

We hope you feel more confident now that you understand the donor recognition process. Contact us today with any questions!

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