If you are looking for a creative display for your Baltimore organization that says “Thank You” to your sponsors and donors, then you have come to the right place! RecognitionArt donor walls, plaques, and displays are designed not only to recognize your most cherished contributors, but to enhance your environment at the same time provide a positive reflection of your organization’s mission, and culture.

Donor walls should be much more than just a tiered listing of names and categories. Donor walls, recognition displays, and plaques created by RecognitionArt are truly unique. We support clients’ desires to highlight achievements, honor supporters and celebrate the spirit of giving. Many organizations would not be able to exist without their donors and sponsors. By using a creative venue to thank your donors, you establish a long-lasting relationship and inspire more giving. Because giving feels good and it’s nice to be acknowledged in a special way.

RecognitionArt | Baltimore

Whatever idea you have for a donor wall or display, RecognitionArt can help you achieve your vision. We have been helping clients with their donor walls, recognition displays, and plages for over 25 years. Our confidence in our abilities to produce a dazzling customized recognition display for your organization is provided by our past and current clients. We offer a FREE design concept to honor current patrons and entice future donors. RecognitionArt’s goal is to elicit a positive emotional reaction from your supporters and to connect your display to their hearts, visually linking their financial donation to the positive work you do. We are not a trophy shop, and we do not “copy/cut/paste” designs. We take the branding and core of your identity into account every step of the way and integrate it with various forms of art.

In a world with hundreds of options for donor recognition at the click of a button, it can be overwhelming to try and find a company that meets your budget, let alone a business that goes above and beyond to “WOW” you. But here at RecognitionArt that’s at the center of our DNA. We treat you like family, not just a client or account.

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You can contact us by calling 941.922.1272 or email at info@RecognitionArt.com.

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