Donor walls for nonprofits do more than celebrate the sponsor that helped them reach their goals. Donor walls are an incredibly valuable resource that inspires future donations and helps build relationships with your supporters. In the past, most donor walls consisted of plaques with names listed on them. But today with the help of RecogonitionArt, your donor wall can become a work of art! RecongnitionArt has helped create countless custom displays, made with various products that help define your nonprofit organization.

Your organization depends on the generosity and support of donors. This means you should constantly look for new ways to show your appreciation to donors and strengthen your relationships with them. A donor recognition wall allows you to convey this appreciation in a long-lasting and meaningful way. Today’s donor recognition displays can be a creative option to celebrate your story and supporters.


As a business that’s been in operation for over 25+ years, we are so confident in our abilities to produce a customized recognition display for your nonprofit that we will create a FREE design to impress you. We are not just a manufacturer who will “copy/cut/paste” designs. We take the branding and core of your identity into account every step of the way and integrate it with various forms of art for the perfect recognition wall or donor display.

RecognitionArt’s Artistic Value

RecognitionArt is committed to ensuring that your donor display beautifully represents your New York organization using various forms of art. Our designs are one-of-a-kind and we truly care about your success. Our displays are known for their art and text used to ensure a compelling reason to view the piece and to inspire giving throughout its longevity.

With a high retention rate of clients, RecognitionArt is considered one of the premier donor recognition companies in the country. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you design an artful and beautiful donor wall.

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