What Constitutes a Good Design?

Just as corporations spend millions of dollars to have their products put on billboards, or showcased in a dazzling design, donor recognition walls are the “billboards” for donors – your investors.
It is of paramount importance that you showcase your donors’ names in a billboard design. The “billboard” part is the style appropriate to your organization and national region – but make no mistake – if your donor recognition project does not engage or grab your investors they will hesitate to donate again. Let’s discuss some of the important components in recognition design.

Show Me the Reason!

By incorporating elements from the organization’s history or current mission into the design, you can create a sense of community with your donors. The results from the “Show Me the Reasons” exercise should be carefully analyzed to determine how they impact your recognition program.
There are reasons your donors selected to invest in your not-for-profit; therefore, remind them—and any potential donors—of those reasons through customizing the design’s details.
Allow Your Wall to Expand
We believe in the power of a dynamic display, which is a kind of display that has the capacity hold the entire history of donor giving instead of a specific moment in time (we’ll go into more depth on this topic later). There are still many static displays created in which the exhibit never changes; unfortunately, once people see it a few times it tends to fade into the background and out of the potential investors’ minds. This is what we try to avoid—boredom!

Create a Challenge for Your Donors

The inclusion of a hierarchy of giving levels is an equally important feature in donor displays. It has been our experience that even in completed campaigns, once the display is unveiled there will be new donors who express interest in moving up to a higher level or a different status (about 80% of our clients report this). Therefore, the ability to interchange donors between the predetermined giving levels will create a lively environment that viewers will continually notice.
Donors invest in your organization for a reason; your goal is to find those reasons and integrate them into your design. This is a partnership between achieving the goals of your organization and achieving recognition for your donors.


As a business that’s been in operation for over 25+ years, we are so confident in our abilities to produce a customized recognition display for your organization that we will create a FREE design to impress you. We are not just a manufacturer who will “copy/cut/paste” designs. We take the branding and core of your identity into account every step of the way and integrate it with various forms of art for the perfect recognition wall or donor display.