Thanking Your Sponsors

Thanking Your Sponsors

Express your gratitude with sponsor recognition walls for those people and companies that help keep your organization thriving. Sponsors deserve a place of honor for their contributions. RecognitionArt can create a custom and beautifully designed centerpiece to fit your budget and give thanks to those who have helped support your organization or cause.Pinelands Five Changeable Plexiglas Display with Photo Backer by RecognitionArt

At RecognitionArt, our goal is to elicit a positive emotional reaction from your supporters and to connect your display to their hearts, visually linking their donations to the positive work you do.

If done properly, showing gratitude can not only help increase sponsor loyalty, but it can also lead to increased donations as well. A great way tap into the emotions of your sponsors and inspire more donors is showcasing.

Contact RecognitionArt, to help you design your sponsor recognition display. We will work closely with you in order to produce a one of a kind work of art to show your donors and sponsors how much their contribution means to your company.

RecognitionArt has been in operation for over 25+ years. We are confident in our abilities to produce a dazzling customized sponsor recognition display for your organization. We will create a FREE design concept to honor current patrons and entice future donors. We are not a trophy shop, and we do not “copy/cut/paste” designs. We take the branding and core of your identity into account every step of the way, and integrate it with various forms of art.  

Another great reason to choose RecognitionArt is that we do not charge commission like our competitors. This philosophy has garnered RecognitionArt over a 1,000+ clients. Our work is in almost every single U.S. state, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and as far as North Africa. Even more, we are one of the premier donor display companies due to our high retention rate of clients.

Furthermore, we create our renderings from scratch. We do not copy/paste/edit existing displays. We take the following factors into account when designing for your company:

-Mission Statement
-Key Donors
-Fundraising Campaign Theme
-Purpose of Display

Finally, from our family to yours, we look forward to increasing your donations and creating a lasting legacy for your patrons!



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