As a business that’s been in operation for over 25+ years, we are so confident in our abilities to produce a customized recognition display for your organization that we will create a FREE design to impress you. We are not just a manufacturer who will “copy/cut/paste” designs. We take the branding and core of your identity into account every step of the way, and integrate it with various forms of art for the perfect recognition wall or donor display.

No Sales Fees

With our foundation as a family owned business established in 1993, we have elected to not contract salespeople like our competitors, which requires a 20% to 30% commission fee. This enables us to save and provide you, our valued customer, with so much more for your money.

We Are Where You Are

RecognitionArt’s donor displays are made in the USA. We ship internationally, with clients in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, and as far away as North Africa and Western Europe. While some recognition walls do require installation, our goal with our designs is make this as easy as possible. The majority of our displays can be installed in-house by your maintenance crew, saving you major money to put towards the things that really matter.

Artistic Value

RecognitionArt is committed to ensuring that your donor display beautifully represents your organization using various forms of art. Our designs are one-of-a-kind; we care about your success. Our recognition displays are known for their creative use of art and text to ensure a compelling reason to view the piece and to continue to inspire giving throughout its longevity.

What Our Clients Say

These Respected Institutions Have Chosen RA

…As have hundreds more!

 RecognitionArt has worked tirelessly to address the needs of the nonprofit industry. We know how intense fundraising can be, and that’s why we are a one stop-show for all of your needs: annual giving, capital campaign, planned giving, employee giving, volunteer honor wall, physicians honor wall, room naming, building signs, timeline walls, medical funding, cumulative giving, legacy display, planned gifts, major gifts, recurring gifts, corporate sponsorship, and more. When designing your donor walls, we take into the mind the aesthetics of its surroundings: outdoors, indoors, modern, conservative, changeable, permanent…all of these are crucial in determining the perfect donor recognition for your needs. We utilize the best materials available: acrylic, metal, magnet, freestanding rotating displays, canvas print, changeable framing, stand-off systems, kiosks, directories, engravings, digital printing, laser printing, laser cutting, murals, bricks, pavers, Corian, and glass, just to name a few!