Freestanding and Rotating Recognition Displays

A New "Spin" On Donor Recognition

No Walls? No Problem.

First things first: wall space is not required. You have the flexibility to place it in the best location for foot traffic, no need to find a blank wall. With a freestanding display, you won’t have to force something that doesn’t fit. Do you have a large lobby? Place it near the entrance for a direct call to action. Moreover, when patrons enter the space and engage with your donor display, they will feel a sense of pride. Their legacy is attached to to a recognition piece that highlights your organization’s personality and showcases the great work you do.

The Display Evolves with You

Want to update it to honor those who give in each campaign? You can! We created a changeable system where you can order affordable, newly designed panels simply by contacting us. In the blink of an eye, your donor display looks fresh and up to date. Change it as often as you’d like to communicate fundraising opportunities, events, feature a patron and/or volunteer of the month…the options are endless.

Keeps Its Longevity

No more worrying about future restorations or the relocation of your recognition. The freestanding donor display can move with you if you ever change locations, are having construction done, embark on a remodel, or, if you simply decide it would look great elsewhere.