About Us

As a Premier Donor Recognition Company, What Sets Us Apart?

From our family to yours, we look forward to increasing your donations and creating a lasting legacy for your patrons!

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Who We Are

Founded by Fundraisers

Donor Focused

With a passion for art and giving, owners Larry and Shelley Greenwald founded RecognitionArt, a premier donor recognition company, in 1993. While we remain family-owned and operated, RecognitionArt has expanded throughout our 25+ years in the donor industry. We operate two manufacturing centers, and our work is in almost every state throughout the entire U.S., in addition to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and North Africa.

Our company has the experience to understand what motivates donors. Larry and Shelley have years of experience in donor relations/fundraising, having served on seven nonprofit boards where they assisted in capital campaigns ranging from $2.5 to $160 million. We know how hard your job is; we’ve been there. We want to make this easy and an enjoyable collaboration, so RecognitionArt has incorporated that into the core of our business model. Honor and aesthetic play important roles when fundraising for a campaign and therefore play an important role in your donor wall design.

Donation Wall Design Factors

Another great reason to choose RecognitionArt for your donor recognition company is we do not charge fees to pay outside salespersons commission like our competitors. This philosophy has garnered RecognitionArt over 1,500+ clients in a quarter of a century, many of whom are STILL clients to this day. 

We do not copy/paste/edit existing displays for our donor walls. There isn’t a template we work off of to create your donor recognition wall; every design starts from scratch and is inspired by your brand. You can create loyalty and continued giving by designing a tangible display that represents your gratitude. 

We take the following factors into account when designing donor walls for your nonprofit/company:

  • Branding
  • Mission Statement
  • Key Donors
  • Fundraising Campaign Theme
  • Purpose of Display
  • Budget