RecognitionArt Donor Display Walls and Donor Trees

Recognition Donor Display Walls and Donor Trees

Forget the duplicated “giving” tree you see on every recognition website and throughout institutions. These models are sold over and over again, ignoring the very identity of your organization, your donor base, and your mission.

RecognitionArt creates donor trees that are inspired by the very essence of your brand, creating a visceral connection between the donor display and the donor themselves. From a stunning metal Grapevine for the Ronald McDonald House Charities Bay Area, to an acrylic and wood Tree of Blessings for Saint Mary Magdalen you can see that each symbol of gratitude is as extraordinary as your organization.

Why Donor Recognition Trees?

Your donor tree designs can recognize donors, volunteers, contributions and people who have helped to further your organization’s goals and services.

RecognitionArt is a leader in creative Donor Trees for your donor and sponsor walls. Sponsors and donors provide much needed resources to your organizations and events. Recognizing these individuals and companies provides a visible acknowledgement of the importance that their contributions have made on your organization. Donor Trees are a decorative and creative way to show your appreciation. RecognitionArt will help you design the Donor Tree and give you ideas for wording.

Your main objective is the value of your donors. Showing how much you appreciate their support in an artfully crafted donor tree, conveys a positive message and shows you care. Your donor tree should say more than thank you – it should tell your donors that you put in time and energy to make sure they know how grateful you are.

Other Benefits of Donor Trees?

Donor trees beautifully represent your organizations donors, in a way that encourages more donations. Donor trees are one-of-a-kind and eye-catching for people to read each name on the donor tree and to inspire giving throughout its longevity.

Custom designed Donor Trees are distinctive recognition products that allow your organization to recognize donors.

Donor Tree Accessories

Multiple materials and sizes as well as many other accessories allow donor levels to be clearly differentiated.

Adding tree accessories can identify the different tiers of giving. For example, the most common tiers are Bronze, Silver, and Gold level. In a tree design, you can use small leaves, medium leaves, and large leaves or branches to honor the different levels of donor.

What are Donor Trees made of?

Our Donor Trees are manufactured in wood, metals, acrylics and many other mediums.

With a high retention rate of clients, RecognitionArt is considered one of the premier donor tree and donor recognition companies in the country. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you design an artful and beautiful donor tree.

Why Choose RecognitionArt?

Generosity and benevolence. We believe very strongly that those are donors primary drivers. Finding ways to increase donations to your organization mean tapping into donors’ underlying motivations to promote their long-term commitment to your organization. A little acknowledgement goes a long way, so long that the desire for recognition compels many to donate. Showing your gratitude with a public display of a donor wall increases your chances of repeat donors and greater donor retention.

Donors contribute to your organization because they believe your cause. Show supporters you believe in them, too. Contact RecognitionArt for Donor Recognition Displays & Designs. With so many styles, sizes and designs available, RecognitionArt can provide the perfect donor wall design for your organization to provide donor recognition to those who so richly deserve it.

Properly honoring your donors can be a daunting task. There are so many creative and beautiful possibilities, options and ideas for donor walls. There is also the challenge of inspiration and crafting a wall that will  “make their hearts beat faster and their wallets open more” when they look at the display!

RecognitionArt is here to help you through every single step of the process or as often as you want us to be. Being in business over a quarter of a century we’ve learned and experienced just about everything there is to know about donor recognition. Contact us today to learn about crafting a donor wall and motivating donors to continue to contribute to your organization.

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