Glass or Acrylic: Which Suits Your Needs?

Glass and acrylic make for unique, eye catching donor recognition displays (please see our gallery at the bottom) that lend themselves well to any design aesthetic. We break down the following options and the best use for each below:

Acrylic: Versatility is the main reason we specialize in designing with acrylic; the options are unlimited. Acrylic is a transparent plastic material with incomparable strength that present glass-like qualities such as transparency (if desired), longevity, and brilliance—but with the impact resistance several times that of glass, and half the weight . It can be made with any color, and is usually less expensive in fabrication and in transportation. Bottom line: acrylic has the look of glass, but with added safety, strength, and durability due to its chemical make-up. We recommend using our digital printers to maximize color on this material. It has no sharp corners and is safe for use around areas with children. Acrylic has no limit when it comes to imagination – if you can dream it, we can do it!


Glass: Offering sophistication, timelessness and class, glass is perfect for a permanent donor recognition display that will not need to be updated. From room naming plaques, to 20 foot long recognition displays – glass is a universally pleasing aesthetic at any size. We recommend sandblasting or hand-engraving text for this material as it brings out its dimensionality and light catching angles. Because glass is not portable, we do not recommend this for anything that will need to be mobile or for areas that see a high volume of children.

Ask yourself the following questions when determining which is right for you:

Does my budget allocate for the cost of glass?

Will I need to update my donor recognition displays at any point?

Will it be a high traffic area for children?

Do I prefer the look of engraving or digital printing?

Do I need to move the donor recognition display to other locations such as other branches, fundraisers, parties, etc.?

When all are answered, you should have a clear winner!

Please browse our gallery below to get a feel for the look of just a few of the many glass and acrylic displays we have created or get a quote on a custom made acrylic or glass display right now: