Modern and Sleek Meets Traditional and Sophisticated

Metal and wood are utilized to create beautiful and alluring recognition presentations in new and refreshing ways. Metal used as a medium in donor recognition presents an aesthetic of modern, sleek, and innovative. Wood used as a medium elicits the feeling of historic, traditional, and rustic. Used in combination, they can bring an elegance that knows no bounds.

Is your building historic with a stunning wood floor? We’ll match the stain. Are you dedicating a new park? We’ll hand-carve the sign.  Mounting a new exhibit? We’ll mold an ornate metal frame. Most of donor displays have the option to update it for pennies on the dollar.

You can even think beyond traditional recognition walls; from freestanding rotating displays, to an individual donor metal can food pantry fundraiser – we’ll excite your donors and encourage giving from future generations who will want to be a part of the unique legacy you’ve created for them.

Interchangeable system panels allow extensive flexibility in the design and use of your display. Images, text, portraits and graphics can be incorporated in a recessed, raised or etched style using a variety of colors and finishes. For exterior applications, a new color fast material is available.

You can combine your favorite components–from engraved wood and etched metal, to digital laser printing HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS on our STATE OF THE ART printer. We will help you make all of the decisions – from design aesthetic and materials, to measurements and dimensionality, to layout and installation–we’ll guide you through every step.

Please browse a small sample of the wood and metal designs we’ve created for our happy clients: