Outdoor Donor Wall Plaques and Signs

Outdoor Donor Wall Plaques and Signs

Outdoor Donor Wall Plaques and Signs need to be made out of long-lasting quality material so they don’t fade or deteriorate due to weather conditions. Creating the perfect outdoor wall plaque, using the right materials and wording, gives back to those who contribute with a beautiful lasting tribute. Recognition for donors using outdoor wall plaques and signs will greatly assist in maximizing your organization’s revenue while adding dignity and distinction to higher-level donors.

Donor recognition is vital to any fundraising initiative. Donor signs for names/organizations can be graduated in various sizes and scales to effectively represent various contribution levels. Having an outdoor donor display located in a garden or walkway is a wonderful expression of gratitude that your donors will appreciate. 

Many of our outdoor products can contain Braille, such as brass, bronze, aluminum plaques, and engraved Corian plaques with the Braille set under the inscription.

Plaques can be made out of any material. Wood, Metal, Corian, Tile, Stone, Cement, Glass, and Plexiglass. The right coating is applied to make sure that weather elements do not destroy the tribute. With our design help, your donor wall will visually show the type of organization you are the level of appreciation you have for those that contribute.

RecognitionArt’s goal is to elicit a positive emotional reaction from your supporters and to connect your display to their hearts, visually linking their financial donation to the positive work you do. We are not a trophy shop, and we do not “copy/cut/paste” designs. We take the branding and core of your identity into account every step of the way and integrate it with various forms of art.

Contact us at (941) 922-1272 to honor current patrons and entice future donors. We will send you a copy of our award-winning booklet “Donor Details” and with our free design service, create the donor wall plaques and signs you need to recognize how special your contributors are.


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