A New “Spin” On Donor Recognition

Rotating Donor Displays by RecognitionArt are for clients who are not looking for traditional donor recognition walls. Here are just a few of the many reasons to start a design of your own:


No Walls? No Problem.

First things first: No walls? No problem! Wall space is not required; you have the flexibility to place it in the best area for foot traffic as opposed to having to find a blank wall that happens to be in a prominent area. With a freestanding display, you don’t need to force something that doesn’t fit. Do you have a large lobby? Place it near the entrance for a direct call to action. Moreover, when patrons enter the space and engage with your spinning donor display, they will feel a sense of pride. After all, their legacy is attached to an expensive-looking, custom piece that specifically honors their generosity.



Secondly, because you are not adhering it to any surface, you can move the rotating donor display. Whether it be parties, fundraisers, different branch locations, etc. take your display with you to inspire and generate giving! is more effective than having a piece they can touch in front of your donors’ eyes. In addition, this is a valuable opportunity as studies show that nonprofits who use donor recognition end up with four times the gift size as they would have received without said recognition.


Affordable Panel Updates

Thirdly, this doesn’t have to be a permanent display! Because we developed our changeable system, you can order inexpensive replacement panels for updates/growth and suddenly the donor display looks BRAND NEW. Update it often to communicate new events with your members, highlight volunteers, feature a patron of the month, list call to actions, and more! Furthermore, if you continue to change the copy material, people will make sure to check in on the display.


Keeps Its Longevity

Lastly, it has longevity. No more worrying about future restoration or the relocation of your nonprofit. The rotating donor display can go with you if you ever move locations or have to do a remodel. Simply return it to the custom-made crate it was shipped in, and keep it safe!

Please click the videos below to see a video you can share featuring a close up of the changeable freestanding rotating display, followed by the unveiling of two displays for a University of Chicago Medicine/Gift of Hope donor memorial event: