MainHuron Regional Medical Center Changeable Plexiglas and Media Display by RecognitionArt

Why Choose Changeable Donor Walls?

Here are just a few reasons changeable donor recognition panels are a GREAT option for your organization:

  • Looks Brand New in Minutes: With our easy, no-tools needed, changeable panel system, swapping out the old with the new simply requires a set of hands and 60 seconds of time! Create a whole new aesthetic or launch a new campaign without the hassle!
  • Compel Through Communication: Use your donor recognition to communicate events, activities, showcase all-star donors, dedicated volunteers, and more! By changing your recognition, you compel patrons to peruse the display. The more often you change the photos and text, the more opportunities you will find for repeat viewing and subsequent increase of potential donors/revenue.
  • Affordability: It looks expensive, but your money goes where it’s most needed; your fundraiser.
  • Increase Donations: There is solid proof that a proper donor recognition system increases not only the percentage of those who give, but also the dollar amount of each gift bestowed.
  • Choose In-House Printing to Make Instant Changes: Updating RecognitionArt’s Panel System is so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t used it for years. Acrylic panels house a clear message panel or paper (which can be printed and swapped out within minutes).
  • Branding Changes? No Problem! No more worries about investing in a design that could be dated by your next brand update. We can simply change out your branding through low-cost change outs.