MainThree piece bronze metal running waterfall donor recognition display with engraved Corian donor names and lighting for Memorial Healthcare Foundation

YES, You Need Donor Recognition! Here’s Why:

Questioning whether you can honor your donors simply by listing them on your website or printing their names on a banner? We’re glad you found us. While it can seem logical to move on to attracting a new donor base when you secure funds, research shows you will spend less retaining donors than attracting new ones. Furthermore, donors who have previously given are more likely to give larger gifts than new donors as well. So, YES, you need donor recognition!

To quote Deborah Dutton, Director of Development at Colby College, “(It) is far more cost effective to keep the donors you have than to constantly be trying to acquire new ones…as an industry, we are finding we can’t afford to not have excellent donor relations programs. In addition, repeat donors are more likely to give larger annual gifts and are better prospects for major and planned gifts.”

According to USA Giving, between 2007 and 2017, total giving increased by $98.96 billion in current dollars. The funding is out there, but American not-for-profits are seeing fierce competition to secure donors. Your patrons not only want to know where their money is going, but that you appreciate their contribution. Therefore, it is imperative to show your donor who chose you out of the THOUSANDS of nonprofits your gratitude.

How can you ask your donors for loyalty if you don’t show it in return? A small investment into donor recognition display walls can pay off almost IMMEDIATELY. In many cases, you can find a special donor to fund the display in exchange for unique and prominent recognition.

Contact us today to discuss how we can interject excitement and enthusiasm into your fundraising campaign! You do not need to have any ideas when you call – just your excitement!